College Prep Resources

SBU Seniors and Juniors should work closely with mentors, coaches and staff to make sure they are ready for college. Both students and mentors should utilize the information below to help with this process.

Preparing for College

1) High School Graduation
Know your graduation requirements, including credits and subjects needed and regents prep resources

2) College Options
Search for schools that would be a good fit for you

3) Testing
Learn about college admissions tests (SAT and ACT) and test prep resources

4) College Applications
Complete your college applications and learn how to get fee waivers for applying

5) Admissions Essay
Tips for writing your personal statement

6) Financial Aid
Complete the FAFSA and TAP for government aid for college and learn about scholarships

7) Athletic Recruiting
Information and support for playing soccer in college

Mentor Resources

1) Mentor Schedule
Meeting dates for mentors and mentees

2) Important Deadlines
List of important deadlines to be aware of during the college application process

2) Mentor Handbook
Guide for mentors broken down by the major categories to address with students

4) Becoming a Mentor
Volunteer to be a SBU College Prep Mentor