High School Graduation

All NY high school students must pass regents in 5 designated subject areas and obtain a minimum of 44 credits in specific subjects to graduate with an HS diploma.


  • List of credits needed by subject area: HS Credit Requirements
  • To Note: Some school may allow you to obtain Physical Education Credits through your participation on an SBU soccer team.

    All (with a few exceptions) NY high school students must pass regents exams in 5 subject areas to graduate high school. The exams can be taken repeatedly and are offered twice a school year and once over the summer break.

  • List of Regents needed by subject area: Regents Requirements
  • Students who can also receive an ADVANCED Regents Diploma by meeting further requirements.

    In order to be found to be “college ready” by CUNY and eligible for regular acceptance into 4 year CUNY Universities a student must obtain certain scores on their Regents, SAT, or CUNY Placement exams.

  • Regents: Pass 1 Math Regent with a score of 80 or above AND Pass the English Regent with a score of 75 or above
  • SAT: Score 480 or higher on the verbal section AND score a 510 or higher on math section.


  • Sample Regents Tests (Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center)
  • Past Regents Exams (New York State Education Dept)
  • Science Regents Prep (New York Science Teacher)
  • HomeInstructionSchools.com Science Review Videos