Athletic Recruitment

Athletic Scholarships
The Division a school plays in dictates whether they are able to offer athletic scholarships. However, connecting with coaches at Division III schools (no athletic scholarships) can still be helpful in many ways.

  • NYC Area Schools by Soccer Division: List of local schools with their soccer divisions
  • NCAA Schools: Alphabetical list of all NCAA schools that can be used to find athletic divisions
  • NAIA Schools: Search NAIA conference schools by sport.
  • NJCAA Schools: Search for schools and their athletic division here.

    NCAA Div I - Offer athletic scholarships
    SUNY D1 schools (Double Check as may be out of date): U of Buffalo, Binghamton, Stony Brook, Albany
    NCAA Div II - Offer athletic scholarships
    CUNY D2 schools (Double Check as may be out of date): Queens College
    NCAA Div III - no athletic scholarships
    Most SUNY and CUNY schools are DIII with the above exceptions
    NAIA - Smaller 4 year schools. Offer athletic scholarships.
    NJCAA Div I - 2 year programs. Offer athletic scholarships
    NJCAA Div III - 2 year programs. No athletic scholarships.

    NCAA Eligibility
    To receive athletic scholarships certain standards must be met in HS. These standards vary by division/2 v 4 year schools.

  • NCAA Eligibility: requirements to participate in NCAA Divisions 1 and 2.
  • NCAA Eligibility Center aka Clearinghouse Registration: Students must register with the Eligibility Center in order to play
  • Fee Waiver for NCAA Eligibility Center Registration: Fee waivers are available through your HS counselor
    *More useful info

    NAIA Eligibility
    Smaller 4 year schools but still have ability to offer full athletic scholarships.

  • NAIA Guide for Propsective Athletes: The guide includes break down of academic requirements of meeting 2 of 3 GPA and SAT markers.
  • NAIA Eligibiity Center: Register to be able to play NAIA sports.
  • Fee Waiver for NAIA Eligibility Center Registration: Fee waiver must be completed by HS counselor.

    NJCAA Eligibility
    Students must be a high school graduate, received a high school equivalency diploma, have been certified as having passed a national test (GED).

    Contacting Coaches
    When contacting college coaches in addition to drafting an email to use, youth should be creating a soccer resume, creating a highlight video if possible, including a schedule of games/important tournaments where the coach could view them.

  • Resume: Template for creating your soccer resume
  • Email: Template for emailing coaches
  • Highlight Video: Examples of highlight videos. Many of these have already been made by SBU staff/volunteers.
  • Invitation to Tournaments/Games: Make sure to invite coaches to games, especially tournaments like the SBU College Showcase (held Easter weekend)
  • Enter your soccer profile online to get in touch with coaches.