Support Services

South Bronx United's Social Worker provides individual and group counseling, as well as case management, for Academy youth.

Immigration Support
South Bronx United has supported numerous youth and families through green card and DACA processes thanks to partnership with Catholic Charities. South Bronx United provides support for youth who have encountered immigration issues.

Family Services
South Bronx United's social worker supports families in various ways, providing referrals for health, housing, and legal services.

Health and Wellness
Teen health education provided during boys and girls groups after school and during the summer through partnerships with Changing The Odds at Morris Heights Health Center and with The Inwood House.

Conflict Resolution
Youth participate in conflict resolution workshops.

School Placement
South Bronx United assists with high school, prep school, and GED program placement. All 8th graders receive counseling to apply and prepare for high school. South Bronx United has helped students receive scholarships to attend the following boarding schools and private schools: Lawrence Academy (MA), Loomis Chaffee School (CT), Manhattan Country School (NY), Mercersburg Academy (PA), Northfield Mount Hermon (MA).

Career Preparedness
South Bronx United strives to prepare youth for future careers. Career Preparation activities include providing opportunities for youth to intern and complete community service, participation in career days, and job and internship placement when possible.