01 Jun

Read our message on the current nationwide protests and calls for justice.

20 May
South Bronx United's #PowerOf11: Staying Connected. Achieving Dreams.

11 years that South Bronx United has fought for opportunity and equity. 11 stories highlighting the resilience of student-athletes, staff, and volunteers. 11 days to raise $111,000 to level the playing field. Beginning June 1st, South Bronx United will be sharing stories from our community. Support the programs and services for youth and families by sharing the stories, donating at least $11, or becoming a Team Captain by asking 11 people to contribute $11. Every donation will be matched dollar for dollar until we reach our goal thanks to $55,500 in pledges to the Match Fund. Learn more or donate at or experience SBU in these times: watch the kickoff video.

30 Apr

As of today, we have officially cancelled the South Bronx United Recreational Soccer Program and Global Youth League for the rest of the 2020 Spring Season. Information about credit and refunds for these programs has been emailed to participating families.

South Bronx United will continue to provide weekly at-home training programs, which are available to everyone and include material appropriate for all ages. These will be shared via email and social media, and can be downloaded from SBU's Covid-19 Resources Page.

We are not yet certain of the status of our 2020 Summer Soccer Camp. Ultimately, any decision we make will be in accordance with direction from local government and public health officials. We hope to have an update in late May.

20 Apr

The popular Tifo Football YouTube channel has immortalized South Bronx United with its piece The Story of South Bronx United: "Perennially celebrated for its position as hip hop ground zero, the South Bronx was the birthplace of a cultural movement founded by the likes of DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. It was here in the mid-70s that these famed musical figures determined to use sound as a tool to draw young people away from gang violence and back into society. Almost 50 years later, history is being repeated in a district reported to be the nation’s poorest, with approximately 50% of neighbourhoods experiencing high or extreme poverty. This time, football is taking a leading role, in the work of South Bronx United."

08 Apr

South Bronx United is excited to launch “The SBU Voice,” an online magazine driven by SBU Academy student-athletes. We hope that the magazine will help keep our community engaged and get our youth voices out there during these unpredictable times. We launch the magazine with several inaugural contributors: Senior Mohamed Traore on “How Coronavirus has Affected Me”; BU17 captain Javi Lopez with a preview of his upcoming online show, “South Bronx Talks with Javi”; Senior Freddy DePaz with a timely art piece; and an interview with 8th grader Abdaly Chavez on his take on the current situation. The SBU Voice welcomes submissions from any participants or alumni of South Bronx United programs, as well as parents, coaches, volunteers, and staff. Expect new content on a weekly basis. Check out the magazine out at